Free Representation Unit

The Free Representation Unit (FRU) is a charity that provides individuals with representation that they could not afford otherwise and gives junior lawyers a valuable opportunity to gain practical advocacy, client care and case management experience. 

FRU represents clients in employment tribunals, social security tribunals and a small number of criminal injuries compensation cases. FRU has a handful of staff to oversee the cases and provide advice and support to the representatives, run the office and raise funds; but the volunteers take responsibility for case preparation and advocacy in the tribunals. Cases are passed on by over 200 referring agencies or by self-referral for some employment cases.

FRU`s office is in Holborn, close to the heart of the legal profession and several law schools. Volunteers use the office to prepare their cases, carry out research, make use of its facilities, seek advice from the legal officers, hold conferences with clients and discuss cases and tactics with fellow volunteers. Our lower tier tribunal cases are taken on in London and the south of England, and in the East Midlands through a partnership with Nottingham Law School. Employment Appeal Tribunal and Upper Tier cases are taken on from throughout England & Wales.