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What Can You Do With A Law Degree

Most students that pursue a law degree aspire to subsequently either become a solicitor or barrister. However, the odds are unfortunately stuck against law graduates to secure a career either as a solicitor or barrister predominantly due to the fact that there are around 28,000 law students starting every year and only 5000 training contracts and 550 pupillages made available. However, a career in law is not the only path you can choose. Indeed there are many options available to you and in this article, we will be exploring these options. 

Alternative Legal Jobs
Beyond solicitor and barrister jobs, there are a number of other types of legal jobs which you can explore:

  1. Compliance Officer/Manager
  2. Company Secretary
  3. Barrister Clerk
  4. Chartered Legal Executive
  5. Legal Analyst 
  6. Licensed Conveyancer
  7. Regulatory Manager
  8. Paralegal
  9. Trademark Attorney
  10. Patent Attorney
  11. Legal Recruitment Consultant 
  12. Legal Researcher 
  13. Lecturer

Alternative Non-Legal Jobs
Your law degree may be useful in other industries although not essential. Below is a list of alternative jobs that you can explore with your law degree:

  1. Trading Standards Officer
  2. Recruitment Manager
  3. Researcher 
  4. Editor/Journalist 
  5. Charity Advice Worker
  6. Business Development Manager
  7. Immigration Officer
  8. Health & Safety Officer
  9. Banking & Finance
  10. Politician Assistant 
  11. Tax Officer
  12. Insurance Broker

To check the salary ranges for any of the above roles, we suggest you use Glassdoor.

Whilst studying law is the gateway to a career as a solicitor or barrister,  is it important to remember that most other industries accept graduates with a degree from any discipline, so do not feel that you are restricted to a career in law only. The above list will hopefully help you widen your job search outside solicitor and barrister jobs.

As always, feel free to comment and share this article with anyone who you believe may find it useful. 


Joe Simmons

Legal recruiter and blogger @purelegaljobs