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Top five tips to help you with training contract applications

Whether you like it, or not, online assessments are here to stay. Some of these tests typically look at your verbal and numeric skills while others test your judgment when confronted by certain scenarios. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when completing these tests. In this article, we will share our top tips to help you ace this process.

1. Prepare yourself mentally

Most applicants find online assessments the most frustrating and stressful stage of the process. Studies show that stress has a large influence on results, so it is vital that you prepare yourself mentally for these tests by taking practicing to boost your confidence and your knowledge.  

2. Practice mock tests

While there is not a great deal of preparation you can do for these tests, you must practice mock ones beforehand to familiarise yourself with the format and work on your timekeeping. There are numbers of sites that you can use such as SHL and PAT in preparing for these assessments. Some law firms have practice tests on their site that you can use for free.

3. Read all the instructions thoroughly

It may sound basic but reading and understanding the questions is still one of our top tips because if you get this wrong its game over. Before you dive into completing the test read each instruction in turn and understand it. You only get one attempt, so don’t let something as basic as this to get on the way of your success.

4. Don’t rush, use the time allocated

Time allocated in tests is usually there for a reason. Use the time allocated to the full capacity and if you have finished early and you have the option to check and amend your previous answers, you must use that spare time to check over your answers.

5. Stay distraction free

As you are allocated limited time you are unlikely to be able to pause it, therefore, make sure you are distraction-free from phones, pets or flatmates. 

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Joe Simmons

Legal recruiter and blogger @purelegaljobs