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7 Effective Paralegal Interview Tips

Updated 13 March 2019

If you have secured a paralegal interview, it's a great start but you still have the most important part of the process to get through, which is getting past the job interview. If you are searching for interview tips and wondering how to prepare for a paralegal interview,  you have come to the right place. Today we will be sharing some simple but very effective steps you could take in preparing for an interview to help you navigate through the process successfully. In particular, we will focus on the core skills and attributes required from a paralegal and what the prospective firm will be looking for. By focusing on core requirements for the job you will be better prepared to answer paralegal interview questions but also link the requirements with your skills and attributes.

1. Time management

Paralegal roles often involve working on multiple cases or matters simultaneously and against tight deadlines, so, therefore, being able to manage your time effectively is a must. We would recommend you reflect on any past experiences, which have enabled you to use or even develop this skill and showcase it in the interview. Always try to use the STAR model when answering interview questions something recruiters like to see in candidates.

2. Attention to detail

Being meticulous is another highly sought after skill from paralegals not least because often the role requires you to analyze a large volume of documents or even proofreading. Employers sometimes even incorporate as part of their interview process tests to test your attention to details. If you have any solid examples when you have successfully used your attention to detail skills try to incorporate this with one of your interview answers as is bound to spark recruiters interest.

3. Flexibility 

Paralegal roles are incredible varying, so it is not surprising firm's are seeking candidates that can demonstrate flexibility and adaptability. Demonstrating this skill does not have to be anything overcomplicated and it could be something as simple as holding a part-time job whilst full-time studying.

4. Work under pressure

Working in the legal sector comes with a high-pressure environment and in order to thrive, you will need to be able to work under pressure and against tight deadlines. Such is the importance of this skill that firms often have a competence question as part of the interview related to this skill. For further details on likely paralegal interview questions, we would recommend you use Glassdoor forum. 

5. Teamwork

This is skill is very much a requirement across many jobs and a paralegal role is no exception. Paralegals often work independently and as part of a larger team, so being able to cope on both fronts is a must.

6. Be clear why this firm

As with any other employer, you will need to convince the firm why you have chosen this firm and how it fits well with your profile and goals. This is a crucial part of the interview and by far the easiest way to prepare for this part is to conduct thorough research into the firm and even the team you are potentially going to join. There are some crucial steps you should take when researching the firm and we would highly recommend you read this step by step guide on how to research a law firm for an interview.

7. Study your application

You can be certain that the interviewers will want you to expand on points from your application. Make sure you are familiar with every part of your application and be prepared to discuss it. If you are unable to deal with questions related to your application in a compelling manner, it will not set a good impression on the recruiter and it may also indicate a lack of effort.


To tick, the right boxes in a paralegal interview, use these 7 effective paralegal interview tips to help you maximize your chances of success. 

What are your methods of preparing for a law interview? Please do share your experiences and thoughts and I will comment accordingly. 


Joe Simmons

Legal recruiter and blogger @purelegaljobs

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