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5 Ways Linkedin Can Help You Secure A Paralegal Job

Social media has changed the way companies market themselves, recruit staff, enhance company brand and showcase the latest accomplishments. Law firms are no exception to this and indeed law firms have realized the importance of strong social media presence. Professional networking sites in particular Linkedin has become a great platform for law firms to recruit but also a great platform for job hunters to use in order to secure jobs. We have put together our top five ways Linkedin can help you secure a paralegal job.

First Impression Counts
Linkedin is undoubtedly a very effective and easy way to make that first impression by showcasing your experience, accomplishments and a range of skills. To ensure maximum impact you must have your profile picture up, all profile sections filled with relevant information and most importantly you must have a profile summary that clearly conveys your background, achievements, and experience. 74% of interviewers check candidates social media, so you really cannot afford to have an incomplete or poor Linkedin profile.

Law Firm Research
Whenever you apply for a job, every application has to be tailored to each specific job and law firm. Linkedin is a great source to help you tailor your applications. Law firms post regularly about the latest cases, deals and their successes, which is valuable information that you can use. One of the most common reasons a job application gets rejected is due to being too generic, not tailored enough for the role and more importantly not tailored to the firm. Use Linkedin to your advantage and impress the recruiter in your application.

Industry Trends
Keeping up with the latest industry trends is an absolute must. More often than not paralegals are tested on their commercial awareness throughout the recruitment process. There is no better way to keep abreast with the latest industry developments than by following law firms LinkedIn pages, industry experts and their clients.

Inside Information
It is not uncommon to see posts on Linkedin from applicants sharing tips and advice on how they have successfully navigated and secured jobs at law firms. After all, Linkedin exists to share knowledge and network with professionals alike, so do not be afraid to search and reach out to these people to seek help and guidance.

Be Known
One of the best ways to stand out in the job searching process is to have a strong personal brand. Linkedin enables anybody to build a personal brand, which can be showcased precisely to the target audience.  Most if not all recruitment managers are active on Linkedin and this effectively means you have a great opportunity to get noticed even before you apply for a job. 

We hope you find the above useful but as always we are keen to hear your thoughts and experience you had on Linkedin in securing paralegal jobs. Feel free to comment below and or share this article with anyone you think may find it useful. 


Joe Simmons

Legal recruiter and blogger @purelegaljobs