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Who Are We

Pure Legal Jobs is the only jobs marketplace dedicated to law support staff and direct employers only. We are on the mission to make legal job hunting simple, effective and relevant.

Why Use Us

Aside from being the only jobs marketplace connecting law support staff directly with employers, we are also different in way that our job board is strictly candidate driven and will always be. This means we treat every candidate as our client. Other legal job boards treat you as commodity to be sold and it shows how they treat you particularly having surrendered their boards to thousands of legal recruitment agencies. Unlike our competitors, our focus is simple: connect you with relevant direct legal jobs and share with you our expert career advice and guidance to help you navigate through your legal career successfully.

Your Options

Use Pure Legal Jobs to manage your legal career including:

  1. Get free career advice & guidance
  2. Keep tabs on the latest law support jobs
  3. Check which law firms are hiring in your field
  4. Get hired directly by creating your profile
  5. Set up specific legal job alerts

We hope by now you will resonate with our approach and mission and we very much hope you will trust us with your next legal job search.

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